April Fools and waiting on the Vampire Squid

So, it turns out that my best performing stock: GS (Goldman Sachs), took a nose dive. My investing rationale for GS was that it was going to have a great time with all the share trading happening, the SPCA M&A and the move to more transactional banking/banking.


Archegos and the family office blowup didn’t help. Nor did the Fed stuff (are they going to ask for more balance sheet strength and the inflation thing) . However, some thoughts by anyone on why the market movement and what next would be helpful.

Now I am sitting on a 4k loss which used to be a 5k profit since the beginning of the year.

Yes, yes some would say I am still up but my answer would be have you seen the rest of my portfolio – JPM/MS/BAC….hmm!

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