3 days is a long time….

It’s a quick fix. The day trader is a gambler at heart who is looking for the win. 3 days is a long time on those terms. Patience would be rewarded but does not suit the temperament of he or she. Case in point – Linde was purchased 2 months ago and gave a nice…

April Fools and waiting on the Vampire Squid

So, it turns out that my best performing stock: GS (Goldman Sachs), took a nose dive. My investing rationale for GS was that it was going to have a great time with all the share trading happening, the SPCA M&A and the move to more transactional banking/banking. Ouch! Archegos and the family office blowup didn’t…

About Me

No fancy photos on this website, just the highs and lows of a day trading. I love the democratization of share trading and having put my disposable income (not so disposable that I would not miss if it were to go) to this venture. I would love to one day live off my winnings, oops…

About Me

Day Trader – patience for little else it seems

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